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Capabilities Statement

McGroder Consulting provides creative technology solutions through software, systems, user experience, and design services to its clients. The owner Dennis McGroder has over two decades of information technology, systems and software engineering, and consulting experience. He has an extensive professional background in software design & development, systems engineering & integration, project management, strategic planning, and business systems analysis in the defense, modeling & simulation, technology consulting, research, education, and health science industries.

Mr. McGroder holds a BS in Mathematics and Computer Science, an MS in Applied Computer Science (in Biological Sciences), and an MBA, and he has served in many capacities including UX Lead Designer, Project Manager, Technical Lead, M&S Analyst, Technology Consultant, Defense Analyst, Business Systems Analyst, Systems Engineer, Software Engineer, and Computer Scientist.

The mission of McGroder Consulting is to provide creative technology solutions for the improvement of federal, commercial, research, education, and small business client organizations, dedicated to customer satisfaction, achievement, and growth.

Service Offerings  |  Consulting services are offered in the following areas:

    Software Applications | software application solutions, mobile app development, including  prototyping & proof-of-concep services
    Systems Integration | system level design, architecture, and integration services
    User Experience | user experience (UX) design, responsive web design and development, training & coursware,  graphic design   

    For all focus areas, subject matter expertise and technology consulting services are provided in the Defense and Homeland Security domains for command & control (C2), training, and modeling & simulation (M&S) systems and applications.

Portfolio  |  Previous professional experience includes projects for Medaille College, the US Office of the Secretary of Defense, the US Navy, the US Army, the Defense Information Systems Agency, defense industry firms, and Roswell Park Cancer Institute:

  • Online Training Scenario for Homeland Security Degree Program  |  Designed and developed a web-based training scenario for the Homeland Security Online Bachelor Degree Program’s capstone course at Medaille College in Buffalo, NY. Teams of students ran the scenario in real-time over five weeks to complete their degree, which featured storm emergency response, terrorist, hazmat, and rail accident events that required role-playing and response actions.
  • Modeling & Simulation Strategic Planning & Coordination  |  Consultant for DoD M&S Coordination Office (M&SCO), under the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD), with a focus on M&S data strategy development and aligning department wide M&S activity and development with DoD's Net-Centric Strategies.
  • Joint Command & Control System Programs  |  Systems Engineering Consultant and Subject Matter Expert for Army PMO supporting Joint C2 Programs, in coordination with Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA). Supported C2 systems engineering, web services design, legacy C2 systems migration, Joint Mapping Toolkit capability, simulation-based capabilities, and prototyping for DoD's plans for operational web services.
  • Navy C4I Team Training System  |  Technical Project Manager for development of CTTS, the first simulation-based training application released as an operational part of the Navy's Global Command and Control System-Maritime (GCCS-M) within the DoD's common operational environment.
  • 3D Molecular Modeling for Cancer Research | Systems Manager and Lead Designer-Developer for 3D molecular modeling and simulation applications and 3D-stereo visualization techniques for cancer research applications, supporting a group of eight research scientists at Roswell Park Cancer Instutute.

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