Consulting Services

Providing creative technology solutions; systems, software, & UX design; and artistic development.

Dennis uses the latest technologies, tools, techniques, and best practices for building well designed and integrated systems, software applications, and user experiences for his clients. With over two decades of software & systems engineering and consulting experience including Software Design & Development, Systems Integration, Project Management, Web/Graphic/Artistic Design, and Business Systems Analysis, he has excelled in consulting, research, education, defense/modeling & simulation, health science, and visual and performing arts fields.

Systems Integration

Modern defense system components require precise and repeatable processes for integration into a large complex operational system or system of systems. Strong interoperability between components and systems is an important and evolving goal, which effective integration and testing can provide.

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Software Applications

Defense systems are composed of multiple software applications that should work together to provide specific operational capabilities or functions. As technology advances, unique tools and mobile apps are being deployed more for hand-held and tablet use, to complement the already wide area network and cloud based systems.

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User Experience

The user experience can make or break a system used for defense. The soldier, sailor, and airman needs to be able to learn and use the system in a user friendly and intuitive way, otherwise it may not be used correctly or even at all. Smooth and intuitive user interface visuals and features highly influences operational effectiveness and mission success.

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To provide creative and innovative systems, software, and UX solutions for federal, defense, and research organizations to improve their technology capabilities; dedicated to being an agent for continuous individual, community, and national achievement and economic growth.


Dennis completed an online project that was done for a small college a few years back. It is a web-based educational scenario that runs in real time for the final capstone strategy course of a graduate-level Homeland Security degree program. Student teams collaborated and made decisions based on an unfolding scenario of multiple emergency events.

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